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Suitcase ~RACING Pro Model~


Suitcase ~RACING Pro Model~

Secure helmet storage

[Racing Pro model] Racing Suitcase

Do you know the suitcase for racing gear that Japan is proud of?

You can pack your racing gear, including helmets, to the circuit and carry it safely without damaging it.

You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything because you can put all the gear you need.

* Products that can be shipped overseas

■ External size: about 785 × 355 × 390 mm

*Sizes for checked baggage (free checked baggage)

■ Capacity: about 79L

■ Own weight: about 4.5 kg

■Material: Polycarbonate composite

■Attachment: Helmet fixing net, urethane sole

handling color




Price 43780 JPY

carbon pattern

Price 48180 JPY