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PROTEX Racing r-2

Pro racer-specific carry

【About PROTEX products】
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PROTEX Racing r-2 PROTEX Racing r-2 colour lineup PROTEX Racing r-2 PROTEX Racing r-2 Size & Spec PROTEX Racing r-2 信念を守る流線フォルム PROTEX Racing r-2 スピードの極意、ここにあり。
  • PROTEX Racing r-2¥48,290(w/tax)
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    • 【HANS-compliant specification】Pro racer-specific carry
    • Colour: Air White / Luminous Black
  • Specs
    • Size(approx); Length: 78.5cm/Width: 35.5cm/Depth: 39cm
    • Weight; 4.5kg
    • Capacity(approx); 79L
    • Material; Polycarbonate+ABS
  • Features
    • Carry case for safely transporting helmets/racing suit/gloves/racing suit etc. together.
    • The PROTEX robust carry responds to the call for a helmet that will never get scratched.
    • General airline checked baggage handling model