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Stand21 FHR HANS

Made by stand21 FHR(Head and neck protection device)

stand21 is the world leader in providing the highest quality safety equipment for all racing drivers who love driving.
With the best medical staff and highly skilled engineers, stand21 constantly pursues technical innovation and design, producing scientifically proven, high performance products in its own factories.
We offer our products to customers through a network of distributors with exclusive distribution rights worldwide.

※The FHR has been compulsory in JAF sanctioned races in Japan since January 2017.

△Stand21 FHR Club Series 3
  • Stand21 FHR Club Series 3 HANS¥66,000(w/tax)
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    • This is the lightest model in the Club Series, developed in line with the mandatory use of FHR (Forward Head Restraint) devices in JAF sanctioned races.
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△Stand21 FHR Featherlite
  • Stand21 FHR Featherlite HANS¥280,000(w/tax)
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    • Stand21's FeatherLite FHR (head forward leaning restraint) device weighs only 310g(*) and offers maximum safety thanks to the combination of ultra-strong carbon material and the ergonomic shape of the legs.
      The perfect bend in the strap passage prevents any discomfort between the helmet and the seat headrest and ensures perfect integration with the cockpit.
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