Helmet Fitting Service

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Fitting Service

Try fitting with the actual product

For customers who want to buy an automotive helmet but cannot find a helmet store where they can try it on before purchasing, or for those who are unsure about their size and want to try fitting with the actual product:

We offer fitting consultations for automotive helmets at the HPT Tokyo showroom!

Choose a helmet type

Select the helmet type according to your purpose, such as race use, from options like racing full-face helmets, rally or gymkhana jet helmets, full-face helmets for karting (adult), and full-face helmets for karting (kids).

Choose the specification and model type to suit your needs, whether it's for driving events or competitive racing.

Size measurement

We will measure your head size.

Unlike hats, helmets cannot be found to fit perfectly based solely on the measured circumference of your head.

Even with an estimated size from a size chart, the fit of a helmet can vary depending on the model and individual product, even if it's the same size from the same manufacturer.

To ensure safety and comfort, we highly recommend trying on the helmet in person.

Helmet handling and wearing instructions

We will explain the correct way to handle and wear your helmet, including how to hold the helmet to widen the opening, the angle at which to slide your head into the helmet, and how to fasten the chin strap.

Face cover usage

During fitting, for hygienic reasons, you will be asked to wear one of our brand new original face covers.

We kindly ask that you refrain from trying on helmets without wearing a face cover.


We will confirm whether the helmet fits your head, if there is appropriate pressure from the padding on the crown, and if the cheek pads snugly fit your cheeks, all while you actually wear the helmet.

(Please note that we do not offer fitting services for trial purposes only.)

Post-purchase fitting adjustments

We will adjust the purchased item in detail to ensure a snug fit on your head.

This adjustment service is free after you complete your purchase. A fee of ¥2,200 will be charged if modification is required.

Fitting staff

Our fitting service staff have received training in technical programs related to helmets, including special training courses for Arai helmets.

They possess specialized knowledge about helmet structures, liners, differences in standards, and handling of shields.

In addition to helmets, our staff members who specialize in automotive helmets, are well-versed in related products such as HANS installation methods and anchor attachment methods.

They will assist you in finding the perfect helmet tailored just for you.

Store visit reservation

In order to provide you with a thorough and optimal fitting service, we kindly ask that you make a reservation when visiting our store.

Please note that if there are no fitting staff available, we may not be able to accommodate fittings. Therefore, we kindly request that you make a reservation through the banner below before coming to the store.

Dates and times are subject to consultation. Please let us know your desired appointment time, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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