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GP-6 8859

Helmet For Racing GP-6 8859

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  • GP-6 8859
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    • 4 Pro spec【For Automotive Racing】FIA approved
    • With the same shape of the cap as the F1 driver, and the same comfort at high speed and in the corners, the GP-PED ducts and various other ducts are included, making it the best model for automotive drivers closer to the F1 specifications.
  • Specifications
    • Standard : SNELL SA/FIA8859
    • Cap : Super-cLc
    • For Automotive Racing
    • Colour : White
    • Interior : Flame retardant・With emergence tab(Optional cheek pads can be adjusted)
  • Sizes
    • XS (Head measurement 54cm)
    • S (Head measurement 55cm-56cm)
    • M (Head measurement 57cm-58cm)
    • L (Head measurement 59cm)
    • XL (Head measurement 60cm-61cm)
  • Product Introduction
  • The Arai Helmet GP6 8859 is a full-face helmet for automotive drivers, approved to the latest SNELL SA standard and FIA 8859.

    This pro-spec model uses the same shape cap as the GP-6RC used by F1 drivers, with a Super-cLc cap for improved lightness and impact resistance. Standard features include shield locking mechanism, removable cheek pads and M6 terminals for mounting HANS anchors (in rigid titanium). Recommended for all automotive drivers, regardless of category, whether touring car or formula.

    ※Helmet anchors with M6 terminals are required for anchoring.